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The unused score to “Jump”
This never-released score was composed and recorded in 1999.

Music by David Carbonara


“Well, now you know you’re a film composer, they just threw out your score!”
– friends, 1998.

I worked on the film “Jump” for about 8 weeks in 1998. The film used temp music that had an “Esquivel” sound to them, which I was excited to emulate in my score. After having written most of the cues, I hired a band, booked a studio and set out to record my score. But the week before the recording date, I couldn’t reach the director! I left messages for 3 days without hearing a reply from him. Time was running out. I called the producer who told me not to worry, everything seemed fine, but after a week of silence, I got the call….
They paid a kill fee, and with that money, I paid for the 12 tracks on this album.

The band:
Guitar: Larry Saltzman
Pedal Steel Guitar: Mike Levin
Bass Guitar: Zev Katz
Drums: Shawn Pelton
Percussion: Bobby Sanabria and John Arrucci
Trumpet: Jim Hynes
Tenor Sax: David Mann
Vocals: Willa Bassen, John Carbonara
“Jump” 12 Tracks
Tracks 07, 08 & 09 can be purchased separately.
  1. 01 Dom 0:30
  2. 02 Doug Arrives(Horns) 0:16
  3. 03 Doug Arrives(No Horns) 0:17
  4. 04 Disability 0:05
  5. 05 Carol Arrives 0:16
  6. 06 Dom #3 0:05
  7. 07 Coffee Girl Buy $1.29 0:21
  8. 08 Video Girl Buy $1.29 0:22
  9. 09 Cream Pie Buy $1.29 0:27
  10. 10 A Plan Is Coming 0:25
  11. 11 Doug Runs 0:11
  12. 12 Stairs 0:29

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