Betty Fracker (Album)


Score from the Web Series
“Betty Fracker (Practically Blind) P.I.” (2015)
Music by David Carbonara


The score from the Web Series, “Betty Fracker (Practically Blind) P.I.”
Betty Fracker, (practically blind) P.I. is on the case of the deadbeat dad. With the help of her fearless crew, she gets her guy. Connects with her brother, Father Fracker, and then it’s on to the next case. “What’s up with Northridge?”
Directed by Karl Owens
Written by Laurie Kilpatrick

The score is an homage, with love to the scores of the 70s, specifically “Blaxploitation” film scores. The term ‘Blaxploitation’ could sound like a negative label if you have never heard of it before, but it’s predominantly with love and admiration for the film movement of the 1970s, though there are some detractors.

This was all done on a “shoestring” budget, using only one live musician who recorded at home. But the result was very satisfying, so much so that the music now lives here!

“Betty Fracker” 14 Tracks
Tracks 01 & 14 can be purchased separately.

  1. 01 Betty Fracker-Promo Buy $0.99 0:20
  2. 02 Main Title 0:17
  3. 03 Footsteps 0:09
  4. 04 It's a Jungle 0:13
  5. 05 Fussy But Worth It 0:14
  6. 06 Morning Ladies 0:12
  7. 07 Bid You Adieu 0:12
  8. 08 Ran Out On Checks 0:18
  9. 09 Eyes On The Street 0:23
  10. 10 Footsteps Two 0:10
  11. 11 Leave Me A Little 0:11
  12. 12 Father Fracker 0:14
  13. 13 Commissioner Grafton 0:23
  14. 14 Northridge Buy $0.99 0:25


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