But for now it’s only on Soundcloud.

Check it out, my score to “They/Them/Us”. The soundtrack will be coming soon.

“David Carbonara’s score perfectly captures the mood and atmosphere of the film”

So check it out and head over to Soundcloud and preview it before it’s on Spotify/Apple/YouTube.

The film tells the story of Charlie and Lisa, two divorced parents in their 40’s who find themselves at a midlife crossroads. Both are single parents and they have four complicated teenagers between them: one non-binary gender kid, one who orders his weed through the mail, the outspoken one, and last but not least, the “good” child. Lisa and Charlie meet on a dating site, fall madly in love and move in together way too soon. It’s the story of how they manage the challenges of parenting some very demanding teenagers while trying to juggle their new relationship.

And Check out “They/Them/Us” trailer on Youtube

Later Seasons of Mad Men, this from season 7.

While organizing my files, I came across my later seasons of Mad Men music, specifically the unreleased music for Mad Men, season 6 and season 7. Memories of working on the show flooded back, from the long hours in the studio to the satisfaction of creating the perfect sound. It was a challenging but fulfilling experience.

One thing that struck me as I listened to my old work was how much I love what I composed for those later seasons. Sure, I heard flaws and missteps that I didn’t notice at the time, and yes, sometimes it’s a humbling experience, but it’s also a reminder that growth is a never-ending process, especially in the world of music.

Later Seasons of Mad Men, this one from season 7.

It’s interesting to revisit the music that I worked on so many years ago and see how it still resonates with me: the themes that I had forgotten, and how I tried to move it forward in time by adding electric piano, electric bass, etc., but was held back and told that the earlier music worked best. Ugh! I’ll post one here, but check out my YouTube channel for more. There’s music from both Mad Men season 6 and season 7.

Selects from Mad Men unreleased music from seasons 6 and 7.

“He’s On Nineteen / Come In Monday”

Mad Men’s Second Season Premier

Mad Men Valentine’s Day – Don takes Betty to the Savoy Hotel. While there, they run into Juanita (Jennifer Siebel Newsome on Mad Men) an old roommate of Betty’s from her modeling days, accompanied by an older business executive. Don points out to Betty that Juanita is clearly now working as a call girl. 

We all remember Betty’s entrance!

“Song of India” which I recorded for this scene in Season 2 premier had to do two things for it to work. The first was it was to be used as playback for the on camera actors at the hotel. It was decided on a trio, Violin, Harp & piano. The second task was to become gigantic in orchestration to underscore Betty descending the hotel staircase to meet Don for their special Valentine’s date, as a result we can’t for get her entrance.

Here’s her entrance:

“Song of India” by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, recorded and produced for Mad Men by David Carbonara

Later that night, Mad Men Valentine’s Day turns into Nightime

In the Drapers’ hotel room, a more confident Betty shows Don a sexy merry widow she has bought. The boldness throws Don, and when they try to have sex, he is impotent. The evening ends with Betty and Don watching the Jackie Kennedy TV special, A Tour of the White House with Mrs. John F. Kennedy. Also watching the special is Joan Holloway and her new doctor-boyfriend, and Salvatore Romano, who is newly married. Pete sits alone watching cartoons, eating the chocolates he purchased for his wife.

The season premier ends with Don reading the Frank O’Hara poem Meditations in an Emergency. “Now I am quietly waiting for the catastrophe of my personality to become beautiful again.” The underscore is a call back to season 1, specifically “The Carousel“.

Scoring CBS Vegas in 2012

CBS Vegas

In 2012, I had the opportunity to score the television show CBS Vegas (2012-2013). It was an exciting project for me, especially considering the success it enjoyed in terms of ratings at that time. Although the ratings were outstanding compared to today’s measurements, unfortunately, they weren’t enough to keep the show on air for CBS. Nonetheless, I was happy to be a part of it.

During that same period, I was also working on scoring the sixth season of the acclaimed series, “Mad Men“, as well as an indie film called “Are You Here.” Needless to say, it was a busy time for me as a composer. Juggling multiple projects can be challenging, but I took it as an opportunity to showcase my versatility and dedication to my craft.

Are You Here

Demanding Network Schedule

One of the most demanding aspects of working on CBS Vegas was the network schedule. Each week, I had to produce anywhere between 20 to 35 minutes of music, unless we were preempted, which rarely happened. Meeting these deadlines and creating music that enhanced the storytelling was both a creative and logistical challenge, and very different to the schedule I had with “Mad Men”.

My involvement with CBS Vegas began when I reached out to James Mangold, who directed the pilot episode. I had previously worked with him as music editor on his second film, “Copland,” which was released by Miramax in 1997. Our collaboration on “Copland” must have left a lasting impression, as I was asked to score a couple of scenes for CBS Vegas. The resulting music became the basis for the overall score in the series.

Overall, despite the show’s cancellation, it was a rewarding experience to contribute to the music of CBS Vegas and be a part of the creative process behind the scenes. It’s these opportunities that fuel my passion for composing and keep me motivated to take on new projects in the future.

Check out the video below, “Recap”

About CBS Vegas

During the 1960s, Las Vegas began to emerge as a mecca of gambling and entertainment, attracting outsiders that included mobsters looking for a piece of the action. When a casino worker is murdered, the mayor remembers local rancher Ralph Lamb’s turn as a military police officer and asks him to look into the crime, setting off a clash between Lamb and Chicago gangster Vincent Savino. As sheriff, Lamb is joined by his two deputies, his brother, Jack, and his son, Dixon, in the fight to keep order in his city and keep Savino’s corrupting forces at bay.


Select Writer Credits:

  • Nicholas Pileggi … (creator) (15 episodes, 2012-2013)
  • Greg Walker … (creator) (15 episodes, 2012-2013)
  • Nick Santora … (written by) (5 episodes, 2012-2013)
  • Katie Wech … (executive story editor) (6 episodes, 2013)
  • Seth Hoffman … (written by) (3 episodes, 2012-2013)
  • Steven Levenson … (written by) (4 episodes, 2012-2013)
  • Vanessa Reisen … (written by) (4 episodes, 2012-2013)
  • Jim Adler … (written by) (3 episodes, 2012-2013)
  • Ashley Gable … (written by) (1 episode, 2012)
  • Matt Payne … (written by) (1 episode, 2013)
  • Jessica Queller … (written by) (1 episode, 2013)

Selected Cast:

  • Dennis Quaid
  • Michael Chiklis
  • Carrie-Anne Moss
  • Taylor Handley
  • Jason O’Mara
  • Sarah Jones