Fast Food Fast Women Trailer:

Ah, how about that a film trailer that features the score form the actual film!I loved working on that score and had great help from some great musicians, studios and, engineers in NYC.And NY looks so good! Also, check out the cast😊

Fast Food Fast Women:

A contemporary New York comedy, starring Anna Thomson (“Unforgiven”; “Fiona”) and (“Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman”; “Happiness”), that follows the romantic twists and turns of the patrons of a Manhattan coffee shop and it’s over-worked waitress Bella (Anna Thomson), who, on the cusp of her 35th birthday allows herself to be set-up on a date with Bruno (Jamie Harris), an irresponsible cab driver and father of two.

What I’ve been doing is cleaning out old mix tapes, hard drives and old computers and decided that what I composed in the age of BlackBerry and AOL wasn’t half bad. All the albums aren’t that old, but somehow never got the attention they deserved, so I created an exclusive shop to download. These tracks will not be available on streaming services, so you can only get them here.
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Mad Men "Out of Town"

Someone recently asked me to write and arrangement of my “Sally’s Story” which was used at the end of Mad Men’s Season 3 Premier, “Out of Town”. So when I went back to find the show I stumbled upon this nice review by Colin Hart in which, near the end he has this to say:

The episode also features a great original score by composer David Carbonara, especially in the scenes that bookend the hour. The strings are reflective, and carry a distinct Irish tone.

Colin Hart at

What’s very true in that statement is the phrase, ” distinct Irish tone”. The producer asked me to compose a theme reminiscent of the 1930’s depression era incorporating an Appalachian sound representing Don Draper’s childhood farm. The instrumentation I used was:

But I think my love for Irish music may have gotten in the way. Well, let’s say it just took over the process, and the piece ended up writing itself. One comment in the YouTube video comments section nailed it with this:

Reminds me of Appalachia…Irish roots…

“Irishgrl” on Youtube

And Like many “themes” that I came up with, this one never got used again in the series. I had originally titled this theme “The Whitman Family Farm Theme” as I had planned on using it in more than just the one episode, but the series didn’t avail itself to more “life on the farm”. So, at least we have this cue playing through the end credits. On my album, Mad Men On The Rocks, I incorporated this piece with another cue to make a longer album track, but in the YouTube clip below it stands on its own.

So thank you “Irishgrl”, spot on! And thank you Colin Hart for the kind words. You can also check out the album release of this piece on the usual music streaming services as well.