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Rising above the “predicability” machine.

My single, "Inverse Probability" produced with Ableton Live

Through the first half of 2023, I’ve been enjoying experimenting with adding “randomness” into my music with Ableton Live. Why? Because after decades of living with my musical influences, I’ve been aching for something new in the techniques that I use and the resulting music. I hope to stretch the genres that I’ve found myself living in and “beat the algorithm” that has placed me and my music on the path of predictability. In a way, I’d like to rise above the algorithm machine!

I began using Ableton Live’s plugins that incorporate a “random” feature, and there are many, along with MIDI controllers that can randomize pitch, chord intervals, scales, velocity, and chance of triggering the note. These, combined with traditional arpeggiators, delays, and step sequences, for example, have given me the opportunity to stretch my creative process in producing something “out of the box” for me.

Although the scale and range were chosen by me, the plugins took over which notes were played, resulting in a unique, unpredictable outcome every time the track was played.

My single, “Inverse Probability”

“Inverse Probability” is the first track of 7 that I will be releasing this fall. Think of this project of mine as a back-to-school sampler I’m calling “Math Class”. Each track has its own inspiration, but I had the subject of Math front and center in my brain as I composed. Yeah, we’re here in 2023 for sure.

My single, "Inverse Probability" with Ableton Live

But this single, “Inverse Probability,” started out as a demo for a podcast that never came to bear fruit, so I took the string rhythm and basic groove and went into a deep dive, learning the art of applying “randomness” in Ableton Live to expand the track, and the result is what I have here.

The track will be released on Sept 1, 2023 and there’s a pre-release download on August 25, that ‘s one week before the release.

you can check it out here:

“Nostalgia” says Don Draper in Mad Men’s carousel pitch, “it’s delicate but potent. Teddy told me that in Greek, ‘nostalgia’ literally means ‘the pain from an old wound’. It’s not called the wheel, it’s called the carousel. It lets us travel the way a child travels – around and around, and back home.”

Mad Men’s Carousel Scene. One of Don Draper’s finest pitches.

Many have considered Don Draper’s powerful pitch for the Kodak Carousel in the finale of season 1 of Mad Men to be his greatest pitch. And yes, it certainly was to my ears. Jon’s voice always captivated me, and he influenced the way I composed for the show. As a result, I focused more on scoring Don Draper’s scenes than the others. Just have a look at the YouTube video above.


The product in question, a slide projector with a rotary tray for storing photographs, is tentatively called the Wheel. But Don believes it is capable of something more. “It’s not called the Wheel,” he says. “It’s called a Carousel.” As he flips the projector from slide to slide, he contemplates the memories onscreen. A picture of him pushing his son Bobby on a swing set in the park, lying with his daughter Sally on the couch on Christmas morning, a younger version of himself kissing his wife Betty on their wedding day.
Don’s presentation is beautiful, nostalgic, genuine. He uses anecdotes, invokes the memory of Rachel Menken and even throws in some Greek for good measure. All the while, he thinks of his family and how he’s neglected them throughout the years. His half-brother just committed suicide. He longs for better days.
“It takes us to a place where we ache to go again …. It lets us travel the way a child travels. Around and around and back home again, to a place where we know we are loved.”
It’s the greatest sales pitch of all time.

From Emily St. James, AV Club

“The Wheel’s” greatest stroke is that it takes the way that back-story motivates Don and moves it from the theoretical to the achingly tangible. On the one hand, the centerpiece of “The Wheel”—a long, masterful pitch from Don that lands Sterling Cooper the Kodak account—is complete and utter hokum. Designed solely to provoke an emotional response that will be so undeniable the company will reach up and land business with a firm far larger than it deserves. On the other, it’s a pitch so good, so nakedly emotional, that Don actually sells himself. He runs home to be with the family he could use to backfill those happy memories, maybe, only to find the house empty.

Noel Murry, AV Club

My favorite scene: Back in the boardroom, pitching Kodak on “The Carousel” slide projector–not “The Wheel,” as the episode is pointedly called–Don describes the difference between the newness that advertising tries to sell and the nostalgia that it simultaneously tries to speak to. In addition to encapsulating one of the key themes of the series, Don’s speech sums up a lot of Mad Men’s appeal. It’s at once a classic TV drama with a sense of retro style and a sophisticated one in look and tone, on the cutting edge of elliptical television storytelling in the same manner as The Sopranos and The Wire. Mad Men is only a perfect show in that forgiving TV realm where 80% is as good as perfect. But I’m ecstatic that it’s been renewed for a second season, because with this cast, these writers, and this premise, next year Mad Men might clear 90.

Jon Hamm in The Carousel from Mad Men as Don Draper pitching the Kodak carousel

Final Thoughts

The Carousel from Mad Men is a brilliant piece of writing by Matthew Weiner, as well as creative editing by Malcolm Jamison. But if it wasn’t for Jon Hamm’s performance, I don’t think I would have scored the scene as well as I did. I will forever remember the Carousel scene in Mad Men as one of the greatest moments in television history. It showcased the brilliance of the show’s writing, directing, and acting, leaving a lasting impact on all who watched it. As a composer who had the privilege of scoring Don Draper’s scenes, I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a remarkable piece of television artistry.

Don and Betty Draper in The Carousel pitch from Mad Men

Check out on YouTube and scroll through some of the comments and you’ll see how this scene has touched many people. Also, my video page here.

Looking back at some of the score I composed for Season 7 of Mad Men, there is one track that I’m often drawn to and wish I had recorded a much longer version of it. It’s my “He’s on Nineteen” from Mad Men’s Lost Horizon. I’ve recently uploaded this track to YouTube along with another gem called “Come in Monday” from episode three “Field Trip” of the same season.

Mad Men's Lost Horizon

Mad Men’s Lost Horizon: Exploring this Enigmatic Episode

What they say:

In the history of television, few shows have captivated audiences and critics alike as Mad Men. Known for its impeccable storytelling this acclaimed series took viewers on a journey through the tumultuous world of 1960s advertising. Among its many standout episodes, “Lost Horizon” from season seven holds a special place, offering a narrative twist that left audiences yearning for more.

“Lost Horizon” is a pivotal episode in the seventh and final season of Mad Men. Written by Semi Chellas, Matthew Weiner and directed by Phil Abraham, it premiered on May 3 2015, and left fans clamoring for answers as they unraveled the complex layers of the show’s protagonist, Don Draper.

The episode takes us on a rollercoaster ride as Don finds himself at a crossroads, battling demons from his past and questioning his very identity. Set against the backdrop of McCann Erickson, the advertising agency that absorbs Sterling Cooper & Partners, “Lost Horizon” delves deep into Don’s psyche, exploring themes of redemption, longing, and the eternal search for meaning.

One of the standout moments of the episode comes as Don is ushered into a meeting room filled with strangers, faced with the reality that his carefully crafted world is slipping away. As the camera pans away from him, the audience is left with a sense of uncertainty, mirroring Don’s own inner turmoil. This visual metaphor perfectly encapsulates the essence of “Lost Horizon” and showcases the masterful storytelling that Mad Men is renowned for.

Don looks out window in Mad Men's Lost Horizon.

The episode’s title, “Lost Horizon,” alludes to the famous 1933 novel by James Hilton, which explores a mystical Himalayan utopia. This reference adds another layer of depth to the story, as it signals Don’s search for his own personal utopia, a place of solace and fulfillment.

Don drives in Mad Men's Lost Horizon

“Lost Horizon” stands as a testament to Mad Men’s ability to challenge its viewers and provoke introspection. It invites us to question our own desires, motivations, and the sacrifices we make along our own journeys.

But for me, “Lost Horizon” stands apart mostly because of the music in that episode. Who does not love Roger at the organ! Plus Peggy roller skating thru the empty offices. Nice!

Roger at the organ in Mad Men's Lost Horizon

Peggy Olsen in Mad Men's Lost Horizon

And speaking of Peggy, the reuse of my music cue, “Lipstick” when she’s walking through the hall with her banker’s box and Bert Cooper’s 19th Century Japanese print of The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife that Roger gave her is beyond fabulous 😎

The episode first aired on May 3, 2015 and was directed by Phil Abraham. Written by Semi Chellas and Matthew Weiner. And check out my unreleased track “He’s on Nineteen” from this episode.

“He’s On Nineteen / Come In Monday” from “Lost Horizon” & “Field Trip”

With “Bossa Sixteen

  1. Preview – Bossa Sixteen (Single) David Carbonara 0:33

Jump into Summer 2023 as it’s the first weekend. Head to the beach and take along your favorite playlist, and hopefully, it will have “Bossa Sixteen” on it! Released one year ago, it’s my answer to Pacific Coast Highway, which I composed for Mad Men many years ago and remains a fan favorite. Both tracks are perfect for beaching it this year.

Jump into Summer 2023

So go ahead and feel the sand between your toes and the sun on your face as you bask in the warm weather. Take a dip in the ocean for me. Pack some snacks and drinks to keep you hydrated throughout the day. Oh, yes, and bring along some friends.

And of course, “Pacific Coast Highway” for the drive!

And check out the full Pacific Coast Highway video here.

Jump into Summer 2023 On Spotify…

Head to the beach and Have a great swim!

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