Axiom of Choice

David Carbonara

Axiom of Choice

Record Details

November 24, 2023

Driven by Ableton Live’s randomization controllers,
in the vein of contemporary film and TV scores of today.

  1. 01 Inverse Probability 0:32
  2. 02 Non-Constant Function 0:38
  3. 03 The Undefined and Indeterminate 0:35
  4. 04 Even, Odd Or Neither 0:51
  5. 05 Am I Missing the Math? 0:58
  6. 06 Isolating the Variable 0:46
  7. 07 Modeling With Functions 1:05

The beauty lies in the infinity of possibilities that can be derived from a finite set of notes. Like the mathematician exploring the infinite with the axiom of choice, I, too, explore uncharted territories within the realm of music composition. Each note, chord, and rhythm becomes a building block, paving the way for new artistic expressions.
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