Axiom of Choice

It’s my Latest release, and is out on November 24th

Axiom of Choice represents my latest musical endeavor, set to be available for streaming on November 24th. This album is the culmination of my exploration into incorporating randomness using Ableton Live’s controllers and MIDI devices. However, I channel the resulting random pitches and chords through devices that conform them to scales of my choosing, resulting in harmonically rich melodies and textures in a traditional sense. These melodies, which would not have naturally emerged solely from my own creative faculties, are imbued with a sense of unpredictability through the use of random controllers.

Axiom of Choice

For instance, in track 7, titled “Modeling with Functions,” you can distinctly hear the clashes in the melodies, which are the direct result of the aforementioned random controllers.

Track 7 from “Axiom of Choice”

Notably, what’s missing from this release is hearing how it would change every time I pressed play. The tracks presented on the album represent a single snapshot, recorded on that day. There is, however, the possibility of future “remixes” being released, allowing for an intriguing point of comparison. Yes?

These are the seven from “Axiom of Choice”

  1. Inverse Probability
  2. Non-Constant Function
  3. The Undefined and Indeterminate
  4. Even, Odd Or Neither
  5. Am I Missing the Math?
  6. Isolating the Variable
  7. Modeling With Functions

Yes, there’s a theme here. Set Theory maybe? 

What the heck is Axiom of Choice anyway?

axiom of choice, statement in the language of set theory that makes it possible to form sets by choosing an element simultaneously from each member of an infinite collection of sets even when no algorithm exists for the selection. The axiom of choice has many mathematically equivalent formulations, some of which were not immediately realized to be equivalent. One version states that, given any collection of disjoint sets (sets having no common elements), there exists at least one set consisting of one element from each of the nonempty sets in the collection; collectively, these chosen elements make up the “choice set.” Another common formulation is to say that for any set S there exists a function f (called a “choice function”) such that, for any nonempty subset s of S, f(s) is an element of s.

From Britannica

And what does that have to do with me?

So, I have always found the axiom of choice intriguing, even though I am not an expert in mathematics. This concept resonates with me because, in a way, composing music feels like engaging in mathematical reasoning. Both endeavors bear philosophical implications. Music, like advanced mathematics, stimulates deep contemplation, evokes dreams, and stirs desires. In today’s world, where our lives are intertwined with computers, even if only through our smartphones, this connection feels particularly profound.

When embarking on the creative journey of composing, I consciously choose specific musical notes from a predetermined set. Although this set may not be infinite, it possesses a boundless quality in my perception. I then adeptly intermingle these individual notes, chords, melodies, and rhythms. As the piece progresses, this amalgamation of musical elements changes it into a distinct piece, a musical “set” that can be further used in subsequent arrangements.

Ableton Live

The beauty lies in the infinity of possibilities that can be derived from a finite set of notes. Like the mathematician exploring the infinite with the axiom of choice, I, too, explore uncharted territories within the realm of music composition. Each note, chord, and rhythm becomes a building block, paving the way for new artistic expressions.

In essence, the art of composing music and the practice of advanced mathematics are intricately intertwined. Both disciplines require a meticulous approach, a touch of creativity, and a deep understanding of structure. They possess the ability to fuel the transformation of ordinary numbers and musical notes into great works of art that inspire joy. At least for me, it was an inspiring journey.


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