Streaming on Nov. 3rd

“The Undefined and Indeterminate”

While continuing with my adaptation of adding randomness to my music, I’m now releasing my new single “The Undefined and Indeterminate”. It begins streaming on Nov. 3, but you can catch a preview here, and pre-save on your preferred music service here.

Streaming on Nov. 3rd | “The Undefined and Indeterminate”

So after writing for decades using my musical influences, I’ve been aching for something new in the techniques that I use in creating my music. For this reason, I’m hoping to stretch the genres that I’ve found myself living in and trying to “beat the algorithm” that has placed me and my music on the path of predictability, I’m releasing my new single “The Undefined and Indeterminate”. It’s my way of rising above the algorithm machine!

As with the previous two releases, “The Undefined and Indeterminate” is driven by Ableton Live’s randomization controllers, it’s very much in the vein of contemporary film and TV scores of today.

The track uses hybrid synths, piano and beats. A great fit for electronic/hybrid film score fans, and it’s It’s track three from my “Axiom of Choice” album.

More on my use of Ableton’s Randomness

In particular by harnessing the expressive potential of Ableton Live’s randomization controllers, it takes on a captivating journey, through the realm of contemporary film and TV scores. This unique approach, inspired by the avant-garde techniques utilized in the current landscape of audiovisual media, pushes the boundaries of musical creativity to new heights.

Within the intricately crafted sonic landscapes of this release, you’re invited to experience a rich tapestry of undefined emotions and indeterminate moods. The fluidity of the compositions allows for a sense of unpredictability and surprise, creating a hopefully immersive and captivating experience.

What’s more drawing from my musical influences and genres, “The Undefined and Indeterminate” seamlessly blends elements of electronic music, orchestral strings, and atmospheric pads. The result is a mesmerizing fusion that transcends conventional categorization, offering a fresh perspective and a distinct sonic identity.

With its surprisingly well crafted sound design, this release is a testament to the power of experimentation and the endless possibilities unlocked when embracing the unconventional. From simple melodies that linger in the subconscious to the percussive beat patterns that propel the listener forward. This track “The Undefined and Indeterminate” is a testament to the limitless potential of what can be done, using very simple musical ideas as a foundation.

Streaming on Nov 3rd

So dive into this this track on Nov. 3rd, and let the ebb and flow of the music guide you through uncharted territories maybe? To sum up, one could say, the “Undefined” becomes a source of inspiration and the “Indeterminate” transforms into a wellspring of creativity.😎