Beating the Algorithm with the Single -“Inverse Probability”

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Rising above the “predicability” machine.

My single, "Inverse Probability" produced with Ableton Live

Through the first half of 2023, I’ve been enjoying experimenting with adding “randomness” into my music with Ableton Live. Why? Because after decades of living with my musical influences, I’ve been aching for something new in the techniques that I use and the resulting music. I hope to stretch the genres that I’ve found myself living in and “beat the algorithm” that has placed me and my music on the path of predictability. In a way, I’d like to rise above the algorithm machine!

I began using Ableton Live’s plugins that incorporate a “random” feature, and there are many, along with MIDI controllers that can randomize pitch, chord intervals, scales, velocity, and chance of triggering the note. These, combined with traditional arpeggiators, delays, and step sequences, for example, have given me the opportunity to stretch my creative process in producing something “out of the box” for me.

Although the scale and range were chosen by me, the plugins took over which notes were played, resulting in a unique, unpredictable outcome every time the track was played.

My single, “Inverse Probability”

“Inverse Probability” is the first track of 7 that I will be releasing this fall. Think of this project of mine as a back-to-school sampler I’m calling “Math Class”. Each track has its own inspiration, but I had the subject of Math front and center in my brain as I composed. Yeah, we’re here in 2023 for sure.

My single, "Inverse Probability" with Ableton Live

But this single, “Inverse Probability,” started out as a demo for a podcast that never came to bear fruit, so I took the string rhythm and basic groove and went into a deep dive, learning the art of applying “randomness” in Ableton Live to expand the track, and the result is what I have here.

The track will be released on Sept 1, 2023 and there’s a pre-release download on August 25, that ‘s one week before the release.

you can check it out here: