Revisiting the Later Seasons of Mad Men

Later Seasons of Mad Men, this from season 7.

While organizing my files, I came across my later seasons of Mad Men music, specifically the unreleased music for Mad Men, season 6 and season 7. Memories of working on the show flooded back, from the long hours in the studio to the satisfaction of creating the perfect sound. It was a challenging but fulfilling experience.

One thing that struck me as I listened to my old work was how much I love what I composed for those later seasons. Sure, I heard flaws and missteps that I didn’t notice at the time, and yes, sometimes it’s a humbling experience, but it’s also a reminder that growth is a never-ending process, especially in the world of music.

Later Seasons of Mad Men, this one from season 7.

It’s interesting to revisit the music that I worked on so many years ago and see how it still resonates with me: the themes that I had forgotten, and how I tried to move it forward in time by adding electric piano, electric bass, etc., but was held back and told that the earlier music worked best. Ugh! I’ll post one here, but check out my YouTube channel for more. There’s music from both Mad Men season 6 and season 7.

Selects from Mad Men unreleased music from seasons 6 and 7.

“He’s On Nineteen / Come In Monday”

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