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A retro-vibe, nu-jazz experience for kicking back and getting lost.

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“Blues Orbit” out June 24th

Following “Selling Me On…” and “Bossa Sixteen” comes my third release from my Rewinder Project and album “Back To One” titled “Blues Orbit”. Recorded mostly at Ben Burget’s 206 Studios (Van Nuys, CA), with additional recording at Stagg Street Studios (Van Nuys, CA) and East West Studios (Hollywood, CA), “Blues Orbit” is the darkest track on the album.

Blue Mitchell
The Inspiring Blue Mitchell

The word “blue” in “Blues Orbit” represents the feeling I had throughout the composition phase of this piece, as well as a nod to Blue Mitchell, whose trumpet playing I’ve always loved. Although my Mad Men score featured woodwinds, piano and strings, I always had a strong desire to use more trumpet, but felt too constricted in scoring Mad Men. (One of the few exceptions is here, “Beautiful Girls”.)

Rehearsal B&W JG5A0709
Kye, David, and Brian

The trumpet is a powerful instrument, and can convey so much, but it calls attention to itself and so I made the choice to use woodwinds for most melodic passages. The trumpet, here in “Blues Orbit”, played by Kye Palmer, and the emotion from Kye’s playing, especially with the strings underneath, was exactly what I was looking for in this piece.

Lonely and dark, as if I was walking alone at night in New York City. Like all the other Rewinder Project tracks, it has ample amounts of samples, digital verbs, delays and filters to give it modern sound, but the heart of the piece is once again in the retro-vibe aspect of the track.

“Blues Orbit” has now been released, and you can stream it with the link below, but if you want, you can fill in the subscribe form and I’ll send you the link to the free pre-release download. And check out my promo vid here.

Hope you enjoy it, and let me know what you think. I’m reachable through the contact page of this site and on social media. Cheers!

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